Flat Rate Real Estate Service

Thinking of Selling Your Home On Your Own?
Let us make you an offer you can’t refuse!

We will give you the tools REALTORS® use so you can sell on your
own for ONE FLAT RATE of $995.00!


We will take professional HD pictures of your property with a Professional Camera, not a cell phone like many agents.


We will list your property in the MLS. Now you will have Realtors calling you to bring buyers to your home instead of them calling you to list with them.


We advertise your home in many Real Estate websites including the major websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com


We are part of the International Partner Associations Network which consists of 214 Real Estate Partner Organizations Worldwide. The Network consists of 150,000 International Realtors. By being a part of this network, it allows your property to be shown to other Real Estate Agents and their customers in other parts of the world.


Through our interactive social media platforms, we generate the ideal network effect with exponential reach to attract buyers and renters to our properties. There are now over 3.5 billion social media users in the world, approx. 45% of the global population. Having a strong social media strategy is a MUST in order to capture the attention of today’s society.


With this app, buyers, and renters will be able to search properties, see pictures, contact us and even calculate their mortgage payments.


Our team calls buyers, sellers and renters daily.


We create Digital and print advertisements for your property. This will provide a prospective buyer with a personalized feel that will entice them to attend OPEN HOUSES and request additional information about the property.


With this modern feature, Buyers will feel like if they were walking inside your home no matter where they are in the world. They can use Virtual Reality Glasses, any smartphone, tablet or desktop.


When people call, they will receive a recording describing your property and will automatically receive a text message with the link of the virtual reality tour made for your property.


All of our listing contracts have an easy exit clause. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service or the results, let me know and I will personally cancel the listing and you will not be charged a cancellation fee.  You are never tied to a contract.

How Our Services Differ From a Full-Service Realtor®
In a standard real estate transaction with a Realtor®, the seller agrees to compensate the Realtor® a percentage of the sale price, typically around 6% for a house. The Realtor® then places the property in the Multiple Listing Service, offering around half (3%) of their commission to any agent who delivers a buyer to purchase the home. With Our One Flat Rate Service, the seller pays a broker a flat rate to place the listing into the MLS. Seller will still offer compensation (to any agents who find a buyer, as required by most Multiple Listing Services. At Danies Real Estate Group the seller chooses how much commission to offer to the buyers’ agents in the MLS. We will give you the tools Realtors® use so you can get as many buyers as possible to view your home. Its almost as if you had a Realtor® without the Realtor® price.

The Savings Will Be Amazing!
If you were to sell your home for $300,000, using a 6% Realtor® you would have to pay $18,000 in commission ($9,000 to the Realtor® you listed your property with plus $9,000 to the agent who found a buyer for you.) If you used a flat rate listing service, your commission owed would be only $995.00 plus what you want to offer the buyer’s agent. By using our flat rate MLS service instead of a full-service agent, you would save thousands!

Find a Buyer Yourself, Pay ONLY the Flat Rate & No Other Commissions!
Occasionally the buyer for a property is not working with a buyer’s agent. With our flat-rate listing brokers, if the buyer who purchases your property does not have an agent, you will pay no other commission besides the upfront flat rate you paid during signup. Many full-service Realtors® would keep the entire 6% commission for themselves, even if the buyer came to the deal with no agent.